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About Us

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About Us

Log Cabin Chocolates is a family owned business, and we’ve been making old-fashioned chocolate candy favorites for generations. We use only the finest ingredients and handcraft our chocolates using recipes that date back over 95 years.Bernald Rudell

Bernald Rudell worked for a candymaker during the Great Depression. He initially purchased one Easter bunny mold and began making seasonal chocolates at his home in Baltimore City in the 1930’s. He began selling his chocolate bunnies in his father’s watch repair shop and eventually set up a stand on a street corner on Monument Street where he, and his wife, sold his chocolate bunnies and other assorted chocolates.  Mr. Rudell initially called his business, “Edna’s Homemade Candies”, named after his wife.

During the early years, one of Mr. Rudell’s customers was a company called Log Cabin Candies. Log Cabin Candies had four to five stores located in Baltimore City where they sold handmade chocolates. They did not manufacture any molded chocolate bunnies.

Edna RudellIn 1952, the owner of Log Cabin Candies offered to sell their name, as well as their recipes, to Mr. Rudell.  Mr. Rudell bought the name, Log Cabin Candies, as well as their recipes, and he hired their candymaker. Mr. Rudell grew his business using the name, “Log Cabin Candies”, in a little shop at the back of the Loch Ridge Shopping Center in Baynesville. He primarily sold his chocolates through fundraising programs at the time. His business outgrew the shop in Baynesville, and he subsequently relocated to Belair Road in Fallston, MD, where he built the current manufacturing plant. Log Cabin Chocolates has been making chocolates on Belair Road in Fallston, Maryland since 1961.

Mr. Rudell’s son, Richard, began working with his father at a very young age. Richard has been supervising the Log Cabin candy productions since 1978.
Men Making Chocolate Candies

Log Cabin Chocolates makes milk, dark and white chocolates, various flavors of fudge, pecan nougat logs, peanut brittle, fresh roasted nuts, assorted Christmas and Easter molds, and assortment of other molded figures, as well as Easter eggs, and a large variety of assorted boxed chocolates. Our retail store stocks over 80 different chocolates, including a large variety of sugar-free.

Log Cabin Chocolates offers candy fundraising opportunities for schools, churches and other groups, such as the Boy Scouts and recreation sports groups, during the Christmas and Easter season.

Boxed chocolate candy orders can also be shipped to your location, or headquarters, upon request.